Chicken Florentine

Florence is famous for its beautiful basilica, amazing shopping, famous art – and for a signature chicken dish. We’ve taken that dish and, as we love to do, transformed it into a pizza. It starts with our pesto sauce layered with sautéed spinach, tender grilled chicken and tangy feta cheese. Then, as a finishing touch, we add bits of aromatic roasted garlic.

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Here's how this pizza's ingredients live up to our high standards.

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    Feta is a Greek cheese mostly made from cow’s milk. It has a mild flavour, soft texture, and slightly tangy taste.

  • 956-34GrilledChicken130508

    Grilled Chicken

    We only use chicken from Canadian farms, raised without the use of antibiotics.

  • PN_Web_Ingrdnts_1920x1440_PestoSc


    Our pesto is a creamy blend of basil leaves, olive oil and parmigiano cheese. It does not contain nuts.

  • 918-23Garlic130508

    Roasted Garlic

    Garlic is a classic Italian ingredient. While it’s aromatic and bold raw, we roast it to bring out its best flavour.

  • 39Spinach130508.jpg

    Sautéed Spinach

    Spinach is a super healthy leafy green. To keep ours flavourful, we sauté it with olive oil and garlic right before adding it to your meal.

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    To make the sure the ingredients are the stars, we always make this pizza with a thin crust baked well done.

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