This pizza honours our neighbours to the North with its traditionally Greek flavour profile. Bold sundried black olives, Spanish onions, tangy feta and sundried tomatoes top our classic tomato sauce. Try this pizza if you like a little ‘opa!’ with your mangia.

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Here's how this pizza's ingredients live up to our high standards.

  • 966-33FetaCheese130508


    Feta is a Greek cheese mostly made from cow’s milk. It has a mild flavour, soft texture, and slightly tangy taste.

  • 908-09SpanishOnion130508

    Spanish Onions

    Italian cuisine favours this onion, whose mild and delicate sweetness complements almost any flavour profile

  • P6SundriedOlives140318

    Sundried black olives

    The natural sun-ripening process adds a slightly chewy quality to the black olive’s signature bold and salty flavour.

  • 916-20SundriedTomatoes130508

    SunDried Tomatoes

    We source our sundried tomatoes from Italy, where their intense flavour grows as ripe tomatoes dry in the sun.

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